Zoloft – The Good and the Bad Effects

Zoloft is one of the most popular drugs used as an anti-depressant but like most other drugs it has its pros and cons as well. The good and bad effects need to be carefully evaluated and a doctors needs to be consulted in order to ensure that you can get the desired results. One of the important points to remember is that the intake of the drug needs to be at a specific time every day, you have to be careful about not missing the time. In most cases the effect of the drug is seen in around a month’s time.

The Good Effects of Zoloft

  • If correctly used, good for treating depressions
  • Effect is reasonably fast
  • Increases self confidence as it also is known to assist weight loss

The Bad Effects of Zoloft

  • Headaches, sleeping disorders and nausea are among the common bad effects of Zoloft
  • It can also cause a suicidal tendency if not monitored correctly for minors
  • Increased sweating is also reported in certain cases

After evaluating the pros and cons if becomes easier for you to decide whether you want to opt for Zoloft or not. In fact with a good number of depression patients being able to get the required help from Zoloft, its usage cannot be ignored.

It is always better to consult a doctor and ensure that your complete medical history is explained before you are given doses of Zoloft. With this approach, you will be sure that you can enjoy the good effects and keep away the bad ones.